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Marketing Surveys: Go to the Source!
Marketing is based on perception.  It's not the quality of your product, but your customer's perception of that quality that drives their buying decision.  It's not the value of your service, but the perceived value that compels loyalty.  From a marketing perspective:
  • Reality is irrelevant.
  • Perception is everything!
The best way to determine the perceived likes, dislikes, needs and satisfaction of your prospects and customers is by asking them directly.  When applicable, the most efficient way to do this is through a carefully constructed survey.

Many factors can accidentally influence the results of a survey.  Our marketing, psychological, graphic and statistical expertise assures dependable results every time.  Some advantages of a William Kerr Agency survey:

  • Surveys designed to return accurate results through:
    • Psychological design of questions.
    • Graphic design of information flow.
    • Logistical management of distribution.
    • Statistical analysis of data.
    • Clear, graphical and informative reports.
  • Respondent comments included verbatim on reports.
  • Comments qualified and quantified on reports.
  • Timely design, distribution and reporting.

Save yourself the pain and frustration of expensive, ineffective marketing.  Contact us today and see for yourself what world-class, Aspirin-Free Marketing™ can do for your business.

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